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San Gandolfo Festival
The 7th Wednesday after Easter and the 3rd week end in September
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The Most Holy Crucifix
Starts May 1st
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La Sagra delle Nocciole (The Hazelnut Festival)
Always in August usually after the 15th, a moveable date

Lo Sfoglio
Late August

Santa Lucia
December 13


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Making classic margherita pizza.

Posted by Suzanne on 18 Mar 2016


  "Pizza dough is easy to make; it simply needs a little time to rise" (David Herbert) When I see the pizza dough rise well, doubling in size, I feel quietly pleased. Using a favourite pizza base recipe from English cook David Herbert’s fabulous book “Complete Perfect Recipes”, (Penguin Australia 2007), along with a couple of  hints from other pizza makers I enjoy making pizzas from scratch.

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Bathrooms of local stone in Polizzi Generosa

Posted by Suzanne on 04 Mar 2016

  Barefoot on tiled Madonie stone floors To step barefoot onto the large slabs of grey Sicilian stone on the floors of the bathrooms of Palazzo Notar Nicchi, the home of The Sicilian House in Polizzi Generosa, is to feel the coolness and smoothness of stone taken from the depths of the Madonie Mountains.

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