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San Gandolfo Festival
The 7th Wednesday after Easter and the 3rd week end in September
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The Most Holy Crucifix
Starts May 1st
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La Sagra delle Nocciole (The Hazelnut Festival)
Always in August usually after the 15th, a moveable date

Lo Sfoglio
Late August

Santa Lucia
December 13


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Some things about Polizzi

Posted by Suzanne Turrisi on 16 Apr 2018


When I return to Sicily, the Madonie Mountains and Polizzi for a few weeks mid -year it will be almost the start of the Sicilian summer.

There will be warm days, moments of  rediscovery and the enjoyment of  trips to places, new and familiar, across the island - 'the soul affirming joy of returning' (travel writer Peter Jon Lindberg).


Silence, setting sun and doorways

I am thinking about Polizzi and what I like about this town in the Madonie Mountains and coming back: seeing the village nestled in the Madonie when heading along the Tremonzelli Road once off the A19 autostrada; the silence of the streets late at night and around the sacred hours of lunch; catching the sunsets across the Imera valley and in the silent, mountainous countryside outside of town; the facades of buildings made of faded, golden stone; doorways both charming and striking…

The Tremonzelli Road looking to Polizzi


Evening light in the back street behind the house, Via Notar Nicchi


Lunch time, Via Roma


Sunset off the Scillato Road 


Sun setting from Piazza Trinita


The facade of  La Chiesa Madre on Via Roma


Doorway Via Carlo V


Palazzo Galgliardo, Via Carlo V


Festivals, art and mountain drives

The chance to witness a small town humbled by their centuries' old festivals; to walk with the people through the narrow village streets at festival time; to glimpse art hidden behind hallowed doors (often closed) for the first time; to enjoy the beautiful details of a particular work of art restored faithfully and set splendidly in a side altar in the Chiesa Madre and to drive up through the lofty mountains…

Festival of the Holy Crucifix May 2017 


Holy Crucifix festival 2017


'The Return of the Sacred Family from Egypt' by Giuseppe Salerno 1690, the Church of Santa Maria della Porta


Statue in the Chiesa Madre


Detail from the glorious 15th century Flemish triptych attributed to Rogier van der Weyden in the Chiesa Madre, Via Roma


Driving the Piano Battaglia Road in the mountains of the Madonie.


Local food, seasonal fruit, courtyards and a house

To eat simple, local food, fresh seasonal fruit and drink Sicilian wine in the courtyards and at the tables of the family run restaurants; to hear the animation as people make their evening passeggiata; and to enjoy rediscovering the rooms of the house and the sounds of the village as I wake in the morning.

Local sausages at restaurant U Bagghiu


Fico d' India peeled by Giovanni, one of the town's fruit vendors


Cherries at Polizzi's weekly market


Polizzi's badda bean with pasta


Sitting room in the Sant' Orsola apartment at the house


Sicilian head at the house


The view from the terrace at the house






A couple of Notes:

Some of these photos have appeared in previous posts.

Peter Jon Lindberg's quote is from his piece "Summerland' in 'The Best American Travel Writing' edited by Elizabeth Gilbert 2013. It is a quote I have used before and do like. 


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