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The 7th Wednesday after Easter and the 3rd week end in September
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La Sagra delle Nocciole (The Hazelnut Festival)
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Sicily's Madonie Mountains: Some Quiet Magic

Posted by Suzanne on 05 Feb 2016


A certain magic

The Madonie Mountains, an hour or so south east from the capital Palermo and at the back door of the medieval seaside town of Cefalu, are dotted with towering stone villages, mighty mountains, a slow pace of everyday life, forests, winding roads, walking tracks, simple food, narrow streets and balconies in bloom, wildflowers and art, centuries old ruins, noble architecture and traditions not lost.

It has a certain magic.


Travel slowly

From the splendour of Cefalu to the quiet cobblestone streets of small mountain villages like Petralia Soprana, Gangi and Polizzi Generosa the Madonie is very good at beckoning the traveller who wants to 'slip away' and enjoy another Sicilian world.


A little bit of the Madonie magic

Below are a few snapshots from times spent in the mountains of the Madonie which tell something of the magic.


Ruins of La Commenda Church outside Polizzi Generosa




Trattoria da Salvatore, Petralia Soprana


Sheep grazing outside Polizzi Generosa


Rooftops Gangi


Road through the Madonie


Petralia Soprana flower filled balconies


Ricotta making outside Polizzi Generosa


Pork and fennel sausages cooking, in the mountains outside Polizzi Generosa


Petralia Soprana's town hall


Evening light Polizzi Generosa


Petralia Soprana


Polizzi Generosa rooftops


Sunset over the Madonie


Soaring mountains on the road to Piano Battaglia


Wild sweet peas






A Note: photos 3,10,12 &15 are by L. turrisi

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