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The 7th Wednesday after Easter and the 3rd week end in September
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La Sagra delle Nocciole (The Hazelnut Festival)
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Returning to Polizzi: In photos

Posted by Suzanne Turrisi on 30 Apr 2021


To return 

Two years have passed since my last stay in Polizzi Generosa and I think of when I will be able to return. For nearly 18 years I have been returning yearly (bar one or two) to stay a while.

To go back is always a good thing.  To use the words of travel writer Peter Jon Lindberg, returning to the same place is 'soul affirming joy' .

That last stay was in spring. The mountains and valleys very green after the winter rains; the ‘Sicilian blue’ skies clear; centuries old festivals  (the Holy Crucifix and Easter's Good Friday procession) both steeped in tradition and spirit, sacred and vibrant; delicious local food and Sicilian wine enjoyed; slow reaquainting with the village, its surrounds and the house; and some quiet days.


Gothic style door, 14th century church of Sant' Orsola, Via Notar Nicchi 


Side portal of Polizzi's Mother Church, Santa Maria Maggiore, Via Roma


View from the terrace of Palazzo Notar Nicchi, the home of The Sicilian House. 


Via Roma.


On the Piano Battaglia road, up in the mountains outside Polizzi.


Over the rooftops to the green


May evening light


The church of Carmine lit up for the feast of the Holy Crucifix. Held in the first four days of May.


The beautiful 15th Flemish triptych housed in the Mother Church.


Vicolo Moschea, one of the many arched streets of Polizzi


The Mother Church, Via Roma


Polizzi 2019

I arrived mid-April 2019 in time for the solemn and glorious Good Friday procession and left around mid-May just as Polizzi’s ‘ice cream season’ was getting started.

Flavours were set out in tubs at Bar Cristallo.

All made in house by Alfredo. 

The  grieving and exquisite Madonna, the Good Friday procession, Easter 2019. (this was the first time I had witnessed this procession)


Solemn Good Friday procession


'Ice Cream season' at Bar Cristallo on Via Garibaldi.


Back travelling

Until we can travel again enjoy these few snapshots of Polizzi 2019.  (Some of these have featured in previous blogs).

Here is to better days for the world and for many to be able to return to places loved.

To travel again and stay a while.





Quote is from Peter Jon Lindbergh's article, 'Summerland' in "The Best American Travel Writing 2013"  Edited by Elizabeth Gilbert (Mariner Original)

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