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Sicilian doors and a few notes

Posted by Suzanne Turrisi on 03 Apr 2019



Wandering by doorways

This blog shows a selection of photographs of Sicilian doors and where they were spotted throughout the island. Plus, there are a few extra notes.

The images show doors ornate, worn and simple on: a small Baroque church, an imposing palazzo in a mountain village, village houses (some cared for and others abandoned), a villa near the sea, and an old convent.


Scroll through the dozen or so images and notes


No. 1  Sambuca di Sicilia


A 'washed' green door against honeycomb looking stone in Sambuca di Sicilia.


No.2 Sambuca di Sicilia

 A golden facade in a street in Sambuca di Sicilia.

A note: If you find yourself in Sambuca di Sicilia eat at Pane e Radici, a warm and friendly restaurant serving good food and wine. Last summer mussels from Marsala served 'al limone' were tender and tasty, spinach finished with salted butter was simply delicious. And a Syrah wine from the local Luma cantina was very good.



No. 3  Cefalu

Ornate doorway to the baroque church of Sant Stefano in the seaside town of Cefalu by the Tyrrhenian Sea.


No. 4  Sciacca

Vendesi - a for sale sign on a worn door in Sciacca, down by the Mediterreanen Sea. 


No. 5  Polizzi Generosa

The imposing doorway of the enormous 16th century Palazzo Gagliardo in Polizzi Generosa with low inset doors for everyday entry.


No. 6  Cipampini

A small door surrounded by stone walls in the hamlet of Cipampini.


No. 7  Ortigia

Behind the Duomo of Ortigia the doors to the former Convento Femminile - an old convent for women.

It may be an exhibition space now.


No. 8  Santa Tecla

Doors to an abandoned villa in the seaside village of Santa Tecla along the Ionian Sea.

The decay and abandonment could be a result of emigration?  Loss of finanical means? Or the house is now in the hands of numerous family members unable to agree?


No. 9  Sclafani Bagni

Vibrant and cared for green door in the remote mountain village of Sclafani Bagni.


No. 10  Polizzi Generosa

An old favourite on via Carlo V in Polizzi.

Always a pleasure to pass by this well cared for little brown door. One day I would love to walk through the smaller door.


No. 11  Polizzi Generosa

Metal double door in Polizzi Generosa.

From memory, it's on via Roma not far up from the village's main church.


No. 12  Piedimonte Etneo

Faded green and beautifully panelled, this double door is in the village Piedimonte Etneo, on the slopes of Mt Etna.

And there are initials, most likely of a noble family, in the ironwork above.


No. 13  Sambuca di Sicilia

Doors to village houses for sale or abandoned near an arch of golden,'honeycomb' stone in Sambuca di Sicilia.





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