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San Gandolfo Festival
The 7th Wednesday after Easter and the 3rd week end in September
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The Most Holy Crucifix
Starts May 1st
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La Sagra delle Nocciole (The Hazelnut Festival)
Always in August usually after the 15th, a moveable date

Lo Sfoglio
Late August

Santa Lucia
December 13


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Sicilian Vistas

Posted by Suzanne on 15 Apr 2016



'Touched by the goddess'

Sicilian vistas are stirring and beautiful. The writer Francine Prose, in her book "Sicilian Odyssey", talks of the Sicilian landscape as being gifted by the goddess, "the golden hills, the turquoise coast, the warm sun, the stands of wild fennel and orange...'

She also speaks of Sicily being a land of  the "most extreme natural and made man splendor...'

It is.

From the undulating, sweeping interior, fertile and washed with the colours of the seasons: sunlit golds, earthen browns, greens, reds, pinks and yellows, to the blues of the seas and the glorious bays and rocky headlands, to the huge mountains and deep valleys of the island’s national parks, and its ancient classic ruins, Sicily’s landscape draws the viewer in; it is spellbinding.


Beauty abounds

Scroll down and enjoy some of the island’s near otherworldly vistas.


Near Coreleone






Madonie Mountains, Madonie National park   




Levanzo, the Egadi Isdlands


Looking to Egadi Islands with the ruins of the Woodhouse Villa on the right


Near the Valley of the Angels, Madonie Mountains




Polizzi Generosa






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