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Shades of 'Sicilian Blue'

Posted by Suzanne on 22 Jan 2016

From midnight blue to turquoise

The shades of ‘Sicilian Blue’, seen along Sicily's coastline, in the island's dramatic, more remote interior, within quiet cloisters and cathedrals, in the patterns of terracotta tiles, in village streets, church domes and the sweeping horizon, come in tones of azure, light sky, steel blue, teal, midnight blue, sky blue, turquoise, royal blue and more.

Both subdued and dazzling

Dazzling, eye-catching and also soft the hues of ‘Sicilian Blue’ belong to the landscape of Sicily like the golden intensity of the Sicilian sun and the vibrant oranges and yellows of the island’s citrus fruit.

This week, from The Sicilian House albums, I have chosen a few shades of ‘Sicilian Blue’ from some of our favourite locations across the island.  

And, the last shot captures 'Sicilian Blue' under a snow driven winter sky taken in Polizzi Generosa a few days ago.


Cefalu Cathedral



Tiles on a garden bench, Baglio Spano, Marsala



Zia Gina's Fiat 500, Polizzi Generosa



Breakfast table at Palazzo Ajutamicristo, Palermo



A dome in the cloisters of Monreale cathedral



Polizzi Generosa , La Maretta: a 'sea' of soft low cloud cover






Worn floor tiles, the ballroom, Palazzo Ajutamicristo, Palermo






Giovanni D'Angelo tiles, Polizzi Generosa






Fishing boats, Mazara del Vallo



Cefalu Cathedral,  Christ the Pantocrator



Looking across Gangi, in the Madonie Mountains, to Mount Etna on the horizon



Domes of Mazara del Vallo



Villa Cattolica, Bagheria



Lido ,Cefalu



Original wallpaper at Palazzo Notar Nicchi, Polizzi Generosa



 'Sicilian Blue'  a winter sky, Polizzi Generosa






A Note: The final photo is by Giuseppe Orlando and Maria Culletta

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